These Apatanis are watching a ritual known as ropi at Kalung village. The sponsor of this event was Tailang Nypia. Behind, men and boys stand on a ritual platform. To the right, the priest or shaman (nyibu) and other men stand in front of a ritual hut (nago). This ritual, known as ropi, was performed in the context of an ongoing dispute with a neighbouring tribe. Six months earlier, an Apatani man had been captured while hunting near a Hill Miri village and was held for three months. He escaped and took his revenge by killing a woman relative of his captors and cutting off her hand. He then brought her hand back to his village as a trophy, where it was kept in a ritual hut. On the third day, this ritual was performed in which the dead woman’s spirit and those of her ancestors were placated with offerings of goat meat and rice-beer. Fürer-Haimendorf described the scene he photographed: ‘the offerings of food and rice-beer placed on the altar; the men and boys…had danced most of the night; and early in the morning the hand had been taken out of the nago [ritual hut], covered with pigs’ fat and then burnt to ashes in the fire which we still saw smouldering.’ While this ritual is no longer celebrated for human deaths, it is still performed for the killing of certain animals (esp. jungle cats). Apatanis believe that these animals have close genealogical links with humans. As with humans, the ritual is intended to prevent retaliation by the victim’s spirit or descendants

DEVIATED INSTINCT - Tip Of The Iceberg [FULL DEMO](1985)

01. Dancing In The Sunrise 0:00

02. Distance 1:27

03. Horsemen Of The Mind Pt1 Pestilence 5:46

04. Times Up 6:46

05. Thought Control 9:58

06. Horsemen Of The Mind Pt2 Famine 12:59

07. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 14:32

08. Horsemen Of The Mind Pt3 War 17:13

09. There must Be More 17:34

10. Horsemen Of the Mind Pt4 Death 20:17

11. Perhaps 22:33

12. Pleasure Worth Force 27:33

13. Mind Fucker 30:54

14. What Sick Fucking Mind 34:22

15. Thrangs From Zog 35:02